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Type MC-IAC Interlocked Armor Power Cables Shielded 15kV

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Where NEC jurisdiction applies; as Type MV-105 cable for installation aerially in conduits or in underground ducts, direct buried, or isolated in air, dry or wet locations, in cable trays, or with messenger, for power and control circuits not exceeding 15,000 volts at 133% insulation level for 105 deg.C. continuous, 140 deg.C. emergency, and 250 deg.C. short-circuit operation, in manufacturing and processing plants, substations and generating stations. When installed per NEC, cables meet the requirements of OSHA. Otherwise, for general-purpose applications where the protection of interlocked armor is required.
Stranded copper conductors, semi-conducting layer, EPR insulation, semi-conducting layer, helically applied copper tape shield, conductors phase identified. Three conductors cabled together with a stranded copper grounding conductor in one interstice, suitable fillers, binder tape, aluminum or galvanized steel interlocked armor, red PVC jacket overall, surface printed.
*    Conforms to AEIC CS8.
*    Type MV-105 MC cable per article 334 of the NEC.
*    Overall jacket suitable for Sunlight Resistant and Direct Buried applications.
*    Cables designed to pass the IEEE-383 ribbon burner flame test and are suitable “For CT Use.”
*    Cables conform to ICEA S-93-639 and ICEA S-97-682.

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Part #

Conductor Size

No. of Conductors

O.D. Over PVC JKT. (in)

Alum Weight (lbs/mft)

Galv. Steel Weight (lbs/mft)

Conductor Color Coding Methods

9-4057-G 2 AWG 3 2.24 2605 lbs/m 3125 lbs/m N/A
9-4058-G 1 AWG 3 2.33 2835 lbs/m 3390 lbs/m N/A
9-4059-G 1/0 AWG 3 2.41 3100 lbs/m 3620 lbs/m N/A
9-4060-G 2/0 AWG 3 2.55 3530 lbs/m 4025 lbs/m N/A
9-4061-G 3/0 AWG 3 2.66 3990 lbs/m 4510 lbs/m N/A
9-4062-G 4/0 AWG 3 2.77 4615 lbs/m 5200 lbs/m N/A
9-4063-G 250 MCM 3 2.95 5315 lbs/m 5895 lbs/m N/A
9-4064-G 350 MCM 3 3.17 6600 lbs/m 7225 lbs/m N/A
9-4065-G 500 MCM 3 3.47 8710 lbs/m 9350 lbs/m N/A
9-4066-G 750 MCM 3 3.85 11695 lbs/m 12850 lbs/m N/A
9-4067-G 1000 MCM 3 4.18 14100 lbs/m 14980 lbs/m N/A
  Results 1 - 11 of 11 1 
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