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Type MC-IAC Interlocked Armor Power Cables Shielded 25-35kV

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Where NEC jurisdiction applies; as Type MV-105 cable for installation aerially or in metal rack, tray, trough or cable trays, for power and control circuits not exceeding 25,000/35,000 volts at 133% and 100% insulation levels for 105 deg.C. continuous, 140 deg.C. emergency, and 250 deg.C. short-circuit operation in manufacturing and processing plants, substations and generating stations. When installed per NEC, cables meet the requirements of OSHA.
Stranded copper conductors, semi-conducting layer, EPR insulation, semi-conducting layer, helically applied copper tape shield, conductors phase identified. Three conductors cabled together with a stranded copper grounding conductor in one interstice, suitable fillers, binder tape, aluminum or galvanized steel interlocked armor, PVC jacket overall, surface printed.
*   Conforms to AEIC CS8.
*   Type MV-105 MC cable per article 334 of the NEC.
*   Overall jacket suitable for Sunlight Resistant and Direct Buried applications.
*   Cables designed to pass the IEEE-383 ribbon burner flame test and are suitable “For CT Use.”
*   Cables conform to ICEA S-93-639 and ICEA S-97-682.

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Part #

Conductor Size

No. of Conductors

O.D. Over PVC JKT. (in)

Alum Weight (lbs/mft)

Galv. Steel Weight (lbs/mft)

Conductor Color Coding Methods

9-4070-G 1/0 AWG 3 2.96 4162 lbs/m 4835 lbs/m N/A
9-4071-G 2/0 AWG 3 3.04 4597 lbs/m 5289 lbs/m N/A
9-4072-G 3/0 AWG 3 3.14 5102 lbs/m 5818 lbs/m N/A
9-4073-G 4/0 AWG 3 3.28 5758 lbs/m 6506 lbs/m N/A
9-4074-G 250 MCM 3 3..38 6292 lbs/m 7066 lbs/m N/A
9-4075-G 350 MCM 3 3.60 7636 lbs/m 8465 lbs/m N/A
9-4076-G 500 MCM 3 3.89 9639 lbs/m 10541 lbs/m N/A
  Results 1 - 7 of 7 1 
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